Gut Waitzrodt

Since 1978, everything at Gut Waitzrodt revolves mostly around horses. We offer best opportunities to stable your ponies and large horses. On the wide estate you will find spacious dressage and jumping courts, versatile terrain courses and two riding arenas.

Furthermore, Gut Waitzrodt offers equine physiotherapy, equestrian therapy for people with disabilities, active riding school for young and old, a dynamic riding club community, holiday apartments and pony camps during School vacations as well as rooms / open-air places for your children's birthday parties, celebrations and major events. Just get in contact with us.

We appreciate your interest.

That's what you'll find at Gut Waitzrodt:


Equestrian Center

We offer a bright range of differend stables for your horse.


The Horseclub Gut Waitzrodt is far known for its current account and its junior work.

Riding School

Follow the link and find more infos to our course offers at the riding school Gut Waitzrodt.

Vacation rental

You can experience wonderful holidays in our apartments.

Gut Kaltenbach

Tauche ein in das Hauptmotiv zu den Ostwindfilmen und erlebe die Drehorte auf Gut Waitzrodt hautnah.

Eventlocation Haferboden

Perfekt für Ihre besonderen Anlässe von Kindergeburtstag bis zu Firmenfeier!

Physiotherapie Waitzrodt

Die gezielten ganzheitlichen Behandlungformen dienen der Leistungsfähigkeit des gesamten Organismus.

Marktschwärmer Waitzrodt

Lust auf regional? Ein neuer Verkauf in deiner Schwärmerei ist eröffne!

Ponydrome Kassel

Therapeutischer Reitverein Ponydrome Kassel e.V. fördert Inklusion und verhindert Isolierung!